Saturday, January 7, 2012

Next generation of cigars beads

This is a new kind of silica cigar beads that will soon be for sale on eBay.

Cigorange humidifier beads© (silica gel cigar beads)

Why pay more for lesser quality and potentially dangerous beads ?
Cigorange humidifier beads© are made with pure amorphous silica and a safe activating coloring agent that turns from orange to dark green as the humidity level rises. No more guessing the humidity level of your humidor or when to add distilled water. Just by looking at your Cigorange beads you will know when to add water: when they start returning to orange, it's time to add water.

Lesser quality blue activating coloring beads contain cobalt chloride, which has recently been discovered to possibly cause cancer by inhalation. Why risk your health with anything but Cigorange humidifier beads© ?
Cigorange humidifier beads© are the same silica gel beads that have been used with confidence for many years by specialized industries in medical, electronic, optical and communication instruments and devices. They are now available for the first time to cigar enthusiasts to help maintain and protect their precious collections.

No more fiddling with propylene glycol solutions, gel humidifier jars or humidifier pads and the constant additional costs of maintaining them.
With Cigorange humidifier beads©, an occasional addition of distilled water is all you need to keep your humidor’s RH. They’ll last for years !
All you have to do is place your Cigorange humidifier beads© in a shallow dish or in a fine mesh bag and spray around 70% of the beads with distilled water and you’re good to go !
(adding anything else than distilled water to your beads will ruin them)

Cigorange humidifier beads© are available in ½ pound and 1 pound bags.
½ pound will regulate up to 2.5 cubic feet (4320 cu. in.) of volume
1 pound will regulate up to 5.0 cubic feet (8640 cu. in.) of volume

We suggest using double the amount of beads needed for the size of your humidor, for added stability and a quicker return to optimal humidity after your humidor has been opened.
Cigorange humidifier beads© use the same technology as museums do to preserve precious artifacts.
Every cigar smoker knows that a constant and proper humidification is crucial for the storing and aging of cigars. Improper humidity can lead to mold problems and/or draw and burn issues.

The Cigorange humidifier beads© will start to work as soon as you put them in your humidor.

Is your RH too high ? Cigorange humidifier beads© will adjust it.

Is your RH too low ? Cigorange humidifier beads© will adjust it.

Once your preferred RH is reached, the Cigorange humidifier beads© will constantly regulate and maintain it. Simple and effective.

The Cigorange humidifier beads© will BOTH absorb AND release moisture to help maintain a constant  level of humidity. They will last many years,  and do not use messy or costly propylene glycol solutions. They are VERY low maintenance.

Simply add a little distilled water and let the technology do the rest! When the Cigorange humidifier beads© begin to turn from green to orange*, all you have to do is add a little distilled water.

What could be more effective and simple?
* : the color of your beads will depend on the RH you decide to maintain.

What is included with your purchase :
-       Cigorange humidifier beads©
-       Instructions