Friday, May 27, 2011

NC shopping in the USA

So this weekend was a long weekend for us canadians (Queen's day Confused) so we took a little vacation to NYC and I took advantage of the opportunity to visit Reuben's smoke stack in Hackensack, NJ and JR cigars in Paramus, NJ, since our hotel was in Carlstadt near the Meadowlands.

I went to Reubens on Friday and bought for about 200$ of singles. On the way back home on Monday, we passed in front of JR and I told my wife I was just going to look ... spent another 160$ ... Eek

Reuben's was nice and the owner was helpful, but the prices were a bit high. Good selection though.

And when I went to JR, my jaw dropped when I went in the store. Floor to ceiling cigars everywhere. I've almost seen heaven...

Great selection, but some major brands were missing, which was suprising to me. Staff is helpful and prices are ok/good.

Here are a couple pics of JR and a video :

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vegas Robaina Petit Robaina (Canadian RE)

Thursday the 12th of May, the afternoon was beautiful, warm and sunny. I was in downtown Montreal and decided that I would go and treat myself to a nice cigar at the LCDH.

When I arrived, the place was empty except for the girl behind the counter who asked me if she could be of some help. I told her I wanted to have a look in the walk in humidor and she lead the way, unlocking the door and then waiting behind me in the humi as I looked closely at all the sticks around me. It's a bit uncomfortable to know that the other person is waiting for you to get out when you're trying to take your time to take it all in... But I guess they have to "protect" all those expensive cigars (love those canadian taxes...)

As I looked around and couldn't decide what to buy, I asked the saleswoman if she had anything to suggest. She showed me the Vegas Robaina Petit Robaina RE Canada and told me a lot of clients and the staff were raving about them. So I bought one.

I went and sat for the first time in the smoking room in the back : not very big but all the matches, cedar sticks, torches and ashtrays one wants, plus newspaper and magazines, including the latest CA. I was the only one there, besides the barman in the back.

I chose a seat in a very well used big leather couch, where many cigars have been smoked. The barman came up to me and handed me a drink menu and asked me what I wanted. I chose a San Pelegrino, for two reason's : first I was hot from all that walking in the sun and second, after a 30$ cigar, I didn't want to spend another 20$ on a scotch ...
I just had time to light my cigar that my water had arrived with an ice filled glass and lime wedge. I touch up the cigar with a torch and leaned back.

Now that's the life ! It was the first time I smoked inside, as I have never smoke IN my home before. What a great feeling, just wished there were other people to chat with.

As for the cigar, what a nice treat ! The draw was a tad tight but plenty of smoke with each puff and a smooth, creamy wonderfull flavor. The only other cigar that made that impression on me is the Siglo III. Thank you whoever you were cute girl behind the counter, great suggestion !

About half way through the cigar, I decided to leave and enjoy the sunny weather. What a mistake. The wind made the burn uneven, I was uncomfortable with a lot of people around me on the sidewalk as I wanted to exhale the smoke without annoying anyone. So I puffed less and less and the cigar died on me. I forgot to take a box of matches with me when I left so I had to throw away my wonderfull cigar Frown

Moral of the story : go to the LCDH Montreal and bring friends, buy a Vegas Robaina Petit Robaina RE Canada, go in the smoking room in the back and enjoy the good things in life.