Friday, May 27, 2011

NC shopping in the USA

So this weekend was a long weekend for us canadians (Queen's day Confused) so we took a little vacation to NYC and I took advantage of the opportunity to visit Reuben's smoke stack in Hackensack, NJ and JR cigars in Paramus, NJ, since our hotel was in Carlstadt near the Meadowlands.

I went to Reubens on Friday and bought for about 200$ of singles. On the way back home on Monday, we passed in front of JR and I told my wife I was just going to look ... spent another 160$ ... Eek

Reuben's was nice and the owner was helpful, but the prices were a bit high. Good selection though.

And when I went to JR, my jaw dropped when I went in the store. Floor to ceiling cigars everywhere. I've almost seen heaven...

Great selection, but some major brands were missing, which was suprising to me. Staff is helpful and prices are ok/good.

Here are a couple pics of JR and a video :

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