Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vegas Robaina Petit Robaina (Canadian RE)

Thursday the 12th of May, the afternoon was beautiful, warm and sunny. I was in downtown Montreal and decided that I would go and treat myself to a nice cigar at the LCDH.

When I arrived, the place was empty except for the girl behind the counter who asked me if she could be of some help. I told her I wanted to have a look in the walk in humidor and she lead the way, unlocking the door and then waiting behind me in the humi as I looked closely at all the sticks around me. It's a bit uncomfortable to know that the other person is waiting for you to get out when you're trying to take your time to take it all in... But I guess they have to "protect" all those expensive cigars (love those canadian taxes...)

As I looked around and couldn't decide what to buy, I asked the saleswoman if she had anything to suggest. She showed me the Vegas Robaina Petit Robaina RE Canada and told me a lot of clients and the staff were raving about them. So I bought one.

I went and sat for the first time in the smoking room in the back : not very big but all the matches, cedar sticks, torches and ashtrays one wants, plus newspaper and magazines, including the latest CA. I was the only one there, besides the barman in the back.

I chose a seat in a very well used big leather couch, where many cigars have been smoked. The barman came up to me and handed me a drink menu and asked me what I wanted. I chose a San Pelegrino, for two reason's : first I was hot from all that walking in the sun and second, after a 30$ cigar, I didn't want to spend another 20$ on a scotch ...
I just had time to light my cigar that my water had arrived with an ice filled glass and lime wedge. I touch up the cigar with a torch and leaned back.

Now that's the life ! It was the first time I smoked inside, as I have never smoke IN my home before. What a great feeling, just wished there were other people to chat with.

As for the cigar, what a nice treat ! The draw was a tad tight but plenty of smoke with each puff and a smooth, creamy wonderfull flavor. The only other cigar that made that impression on me is the Siglo III. Thank you whoever you were cute girl behind the counter, great suggestion !

About half way through the cigar, I decided to leave and enjoy the sunny weather. What a mistake. The wind made the burn uneven, I was uncomfortable with a lot of people around me on the sidewalk as I wanted to exhale the smoke without annoying anyone. So I puffed less and less and the cigar died on me. I forgot to take a box of matches with me when I left so I had to throw away my wonderfull cigar Frown

Moral of the story : go to the LCDH Montreal and bring friends, buy a Vegas Robaina Petit Robaina RE Canada, go in the smoking room in the back and enjoy the good things in life.

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