Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cuban cigar prices in Cuba

Are you planning a trip to Cuba and you're dreaming about all the cigars you're going to buy and smoke over there ?

It's pretty hard to know what kind of budget you're going to spend, because the prices over there are 3 to 4 times less than in any other country.

So to find out what those good deals are, just visit my good friend Zathan's blog, YUL cigars.
There you will find the most up to date prices to help you shop in Cuba.

It's a good idea to bring a printed version of the list with you when you go to Cuba, just to make sure you're paying the right price, as normally all shops must charge the same price, as all are owned by the Cuban gouverment.

Here's the link : YUL cigars

Friends of Habanos Forums

Like many of you I've been a regular for some time now on Cigar Aficionado's forums. Very good information on a lot of subjects.

But if you want something more specific about cuban cigar, then Friends of Habanos is the place for you. I've been online with them more and more in the past weeks and I'm enjoying myself.

Another great thing about this site are the video reviews. Usually presented by Rob Ayala (the owner), Smithy (the young one) and Ken Gargett (wine and cigar expert).

Please take the time to watch the reviews : very good critique and ever better laughs.

Best source for information on Cuban cigars

Who can remember every little detail of all those cigars ? It's impossible !

So whenever I need some information on a particular brand or vitola, I always go to the Cuban Cigar Website. It is very well maintainted by Trevor Leask of Sydney, Australia.

I encourage you to visit Trevor's site, you won't find more complete information on Cuban cigars than right there.

Cuban Cigar Website