Saturday, July 30, 2011

Best source for information on Cuban cigars

Who can remember every little detail of all those cigars ? It's impossible !

So whenever I need some information on a particular brand or vitola, I always go to the Cuban Cigar Website. It is very well maintainted by Trevor Leask of Sydney, Australia.

I encourage you to visit Trevor's site, you won't find more complete information on Cuban cigars than right there.

Cuban Cigar Website



  1. My last night in US was to be coffee and Cuban Cigars with a few close friends, and one of my friend "It is illegal for US citizen to Buy Cuban Cigars anywhere in the US, but why it is illegal to buy and smoke !

    1. It's because the USA has an embargo againts Cuba ever since the Cuban missile crisis. No American citizen can go to Cuba without special permission and no american can own or import goods made in Cuba after the embargo. That means that Cuban cigars made before the embargo ARE legal in the US, but there are very rare amd very expensive.

      Although they are not legal in the US, it is thought that the US is the biggest consumer of Cuban cigars, mostly by online purchases. That is why most Cuban cigar smokers outside the US are ambivalent on the lifting of the embargo. Because if americans are allowed to buy cuban cigars, the demand will be so big that it is thought that the increase in production needed to meet that demand will inevitably mean a decrease in quality.