Friday, September 30, 2011

Great NC seller

As everyone knows, it's difficult for us canadians to find NCs at a reasonable price in a B&M store. So we have to find an online source that has a good selection, good prices, low shipping cost and that you can trust to deliver. Of course, the shipping "logistics" are of the upmost importance.

Used to be that a great place to shop at was Atlantic Cigars, but recently, they've been having problems with shipping to Canada. Still a great vendor, but shipping has "risks"...

So I went on a search for a replacement and I think I found a great substitute : SeriousCigars. They have a great selection and great prices, generally at par with Atlantic (which is already one of the cheapest places to shop at) and often even a bit lower.

I did a test order to see if everything they promised was true, and believe me, it was.
Here's a copy of my receipt :

1.Brick House - Classic - Churchill - Natural - 7 1/4" x 50Single2$5.75$11.50
2.Brick House - Classic - Corona Larga - Natural - 6 1/4" x 46Single2$4.75$9.50
3.Brick House - Classic - Short Torpedo - Natural - 5 1/2" x 52Single2$4.95$9.90
4.Brick House - Classic - Toro - Natural - 6" x 52Single2$5.25$10.50
5.Vallejuelo - Classic - Robusto Gordo - Natural - 5" x 54Single6$5.00$30.00
6.Carlos Torano - Master Series - Robusto - Natural - 5" x 52Single5$5.60$28.00
7.Generic - Punch - Havana Retractable - Varies - 2" x 32Single1$4.95$4.95
8.Nub - Connecticut - 460 - Natural - 4" x 60Single1$5.30$5.30

Sub Total:$109.65
Standard Shipping:$6.50

So you can see that the prices are good and the shipping charge is great. I ordered on Friday Sept 16th and received my cigars on Thursday Sept 29th, which means it took 9 work days shipping time from Texas. Not bad at all, especially for a 6,50$ charge. Most importantly, I didn't have to pay any "extra charges to anyone else".

Everything came very nicely packaged and with a 69% Humidipak to boot. Here's a few pictures of what I received:

Overall a great experience which I will repeat in the future for sure !

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